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Egg Donation Process

The first step for you, the Intended Parent, is to contact our egg donation agency for more information regarding the egg donation process. We will ask for information about you and your special requirements in selecting a donor.

After we have discussed your special search criteria, we will give you access to our donor profiles. You will be able to view their donor photo(s) and their matching profiles. We will continue to provide new possible donors until you have selected the right choice. 

Once you have chosen a donor, Giving Hope Egg Donation will ensure the time frame works for the donor and for you. Then we will send the appropriate contracts and forms. You will return your contract to us with the proper funds due.

The selected donor will have her contract viewed by an attorney to explain the process to her.

The donor will undergo psychological screening prior to the medical screening. Psychological screening will check for outside stressors and potential scheduling conflicts, history of substance abuse, emotional resolution regarding egg donation, personal motivation for donation, and the donor’s commitment to completing the program. Once the donor has passed her psychological testing, San Francisco Egg Donation will contact the fertility clinic and set up an appointment for the selected donor to start initial medical screening.

The donor will undergo a complete physical exam, ultrasound, blood screening, and drug screening. If a donor does not pass any of these tests, the couple has six months to find another donor.

The donor may be required by the fertility clinic physician to have genetic screening, when indicated, to screen for genetically transmitted diseases such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, and Tay Sachs disease.

Intended parents are responsible for all of the donor’s medical bills and medication pertaining to the ovum donor process.

Once the donor begins her menstrual cycle, she will be ready for the remainder of the process. The donor will be given ovarian stimulation drugs. The donor will be monitored by the fertility clinic in which she will continue to have her blood drawn and ultrasounds completed. We will continue to keep you updated on the donor’s progress through this process.

When the time is ready, she will undergo egg retrieval. The resulting egg(s) will be combined with sperm from either the intended father or a sperm donor. If fertilization occurs, one or more of the resulting embryos may be transferred to the intended mother’s uterus approximately three to five days after egg retrieval.

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We will ensure that this part of your fertility journey is free from unnecessary stress. We will be the liaison between you, your selected donor and your Fertility clinic.

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We understand your heartfelt desire to conceive, to experience all the joys of pregnancy, all the way through to the actual birth. We will assist you in finding that special donor that meets your requirements and will help you achieve your dream of having a child.

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We believe that each cycle you go through is unique to you. Enjoy the greatest miracle - the birth of your child - with the guidance and experience of San Francisco Egg Donation.

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